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Dis Page 'as All Me Best Links

Recipe links and some of me own cookin'!

NewfieGirl's Laff spot

NewfieGirl's Home sick Page

NewfieGirl's Photo Album

NewfieGirl's Awards

Me Favorite Card Links

All 4 Love Postcards: Greeting Cards and Flowers
A Postcard Place: Great Postcards
Blue Mountain Arts: Great Animated cards for all occasions
Gypsyland Greeting Cards: Check out this lady's amazing card site
Peder's Java Postcards: Great Java Postcards
Regards.Com: Good variety of cards
Ritzy Cardogram: One of the best card sites on the web
Seeking His Face Card Shoppe: Christian Card Site

Me Fine Newfie Links

Downhomer Magazine: Da best place to visit old friends. (and new)
Jim's all Nfld links: Visit Jim at 'is Bonavista 'ome
Newfoundland Outport: Good site to read about Nfld history, chat room, forum.
Cape Breton Living: Not a Newfie site but worth a visit
Sparkles Family Homepage: Wonderful!
The Sharecroppers: The hottest Newfie music group
Deanna (Robert's Arm - Nfld.): Great site with free graphics
Sharon's Place: Great Java lake effects
Newfie4Life: Excellent site includes Newfie chat and newsletter
Snaggletooth's Website: Site with lots of good Halifax links

Me links page 'as ben visited times.

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